Daikin Sensira 2kW

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Description Daikin Sensira 2kW

Daikin Comfora is an inverter type air conditioner.

Daikin "Sensira" wall-mounted air conditioners provide greater efficiency thanks to the latest technology and the use of modern R-32 refrigerant.

Daikin Comfora FTXF20D/RXF20D power:

Cooling capacity: Min./Nom./Max. – 1.3kW/2.0kW/2.4kW

Heating power: Min./Nom./Max. – 1.3kW/2.4kW/3.3kW

The FTXF-D / RXF-D air conditioner is equipped with a new reinforced two-chamber swing compressor, which significantly saves energy and ensures greater reliability of the system as a whole. This compressor uses inverter technology and allows you to smoothly adjust the power level according to energy demand. Unlike rotary compressors, a swing compressor provides quieter operation.

Vertical blinds with automatic swing function create an efficient and uniform distribution of air and temperature throughout the room. Turbo mode quickly heats or cools the room, creating maximum comfort. The Daikin online controller allows you to control the Sensira split system at any distance and at any time (optional).

The Daikin Titanium Apatite Deodorizing Filter traps fine dust particles and eliminates tobacco and pet odors, deactivates harmful organic chemicals, bacteria, viruses and allergens, providing a consistent supply of clean air to your room. The flat, stylish front panel of the Sensira indoor unit fits perfectly into any interior design and is easy to clean.

The Daikin FTXF-D / RXF-D split system of the "Sensira" series creates ideal comfort in your home at an optimal price-quality ratio.

Main advantages :

Cooling operation to outside temperature + 46°C

Effective heating operation down to an outside temperature of -15°C

Energy efficiency class A++

Inverter swing compressor

Improved performance

Programmed dehumidification

Flap swing mode

Air filter with anti-mould treatment

Infrared remote control with LCD display

Outdoor unit noise reduction mode

Comfortable air distribution

Function Silent indoor unit

Night saving function

Self-diagnosis function

Automatic mode selection

Eco mode

Automatic restart

Main attributes Daikin Sensira 2kW

Kind Air conditioner
Energy efficiency class A++
Freon R32
Outdoor unit size 550x658x275 mm
Indoor unit size 286x770x225 mm
Outdoor unit weight 26 кг
Indoor unit weight 8 кг
Elektriskais pieslēgums 220v 1f (16A)
Rated cooling capacity 2кВт
Nominal heating power 2.4кВт
Efficient operation at outside temperatures -15°C
SEER / SCOP 6.22 / 4.11
Indoor unit noise level 20-39 dB(A)
Outdoor unit noise level 46 dB(A)
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