Daikin Perfera 3kW

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Description Daikin Perfera 3kW

Daikin Perfera is an inverter-type air-to-water heat pump.

The wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump with its attractive design and air conditioning function guarantees excellent indoor air quality even at an outside temperature of -25 °C.

Daikin's Perfera air-to-air heat pumps reflect a vision of the future. Perfera FTXTM-M is manufactured in Europe and for Europe, resulting in a sleek and attractive design. Air heat pumps with air conditioning function of the Perfera series are incredibly economical and have an energy efficiency class of A+++. The Daikin Flash Streamer feature provides clean air that is pleasant to breathe. Thanks to the Internet application, you can control the unit from anywhere in the world. 3D airflow and 2-zone motion sensor ensure perfect and unobstructed airflow in heating and cooling modes. All of these innovative systems operate surprisingly quietly. The Perfera range of air-to-air heat pumps is the best choice for any home. Enjoy your stay at home without compromise.

Daikin Perfera FTXTM30R/RXTM30R power:

Cooling capacity: Min./Nom./Max. – 0.7kW/3.0kW/4.5kW

Heating power: Min./Nom./Max. – 0.8kW/3.2kW/6.7kW

The main advantages of the Daikin Perfera air-to-air heat pump:

High heating efficiency from SCOP to A+++

Effective operation at outside temperatures down to -25C

Automatic horizontal and vertical movement of blinds

Built-in WLAN module for controlling the heat pump via a mobile application

Low noise level

Weekly timer

Daikin Flash Streamer Filter

3D Airflow and 2-Zone Motion Sensor

Silver filter against allergens

Functions of the Daikin Comfora air-to-air heat pump:

2-zone motion sensor

The air flow is directed to an area where there are currently no people. If there are no people in the room, the unit automatically goes into energy saving mode.

Installation principle next to the fireplace

When installed near a heating device (such as a fireplace or stove) and the set temperature is reached, the fan continues to operate to maintain an even temperature throughout the home.

Almost no noise

Virtually silent: the unit operates so quietly that you will hardly notice its presence.

Guaranteed operating range down to -25 °C

Daikin equipment is suitable for any climate and, thanks to an operating range of up to -25 degrees, works even in the harshest conditions.

Network controller via app

Control your indoor unit from anywhere in the world.

Eco mode

Limits current consumption so you can turn on other electrical devices that require high current consumption. Moreover, this feature is also energy efficient.

Power saving in standby mode

Standby power consumption can be reduced by up to 80%. If the sensor does not detect the presence of a person in the room within 20 minutes, the system automatically switches to energy saving mode.

Night mode

Saves energy and prevents the air from cooling or overheating at night.

Fan only

The unit can also be used only as a fan, when air is blown out without heating or cooling it.

Comfort mode

Provides air supply without strong air flow to prevent cold or warm air from blowing directly on the person.

Powerful mode

To quickly heat or cool the air, you can select the powerful mode; After the end of the powerful mode, the device returns to the previous mode.

Automatic switching between cooling and heating modes

Automatically selects heating or cooling mode depending on the set temperature.

Quiet operation of the indoor unit

The Silent button on the remote control reduces the noise level by 3 dB(A).

Quiet operation of the outdoor unit

The Silent button on the remote control reduces the noise level by 3 dB(A), ensuring extremely quiet operation of the device.

3D airflow

Function of uniform distribution of air flow throughout the room. This allows you to use a combination of vertical and horizontal directional blinds to ensure the flow of warm or cold air even to the most remote corners of the room.

Automatic vertical direction change

Allows you to choose to automatically change the direction of vertical blinds to make the cooling or heating of the room even more efficient.

Automatic horizontal direction change

Allows you to choose to change the direction of automatic blinds for horizontal blinds to make cooling or heating the air in the room even more efficient.

Automatic fan speed

To achieve or maintain the set temperature, the system automatically selects the required fan speed mode.

Fan Speed Modes

Allows you to select the fan speed mode up to the specified parameter.

Drying program

Allows you to reduce the level

Main attributes Daikin Perfera 3kW

Kind Heat pump
Energy efficiency class A+++
Freon R32
Outdoor unit size 551x763x312 mm
Indoor unit size 294x778x272 mm
Outdoor unit weight 38 кг
Indoor unit weight 10 кг
Elektriskais pieslēgums 220v 1f
Rated cooling capacity 3кВт
Nominal heating power 3.2кВт
Efficient operation at outside temperatures -25°C
SEER / SCOP 7.6 / 5.12
Indoor unit noise level 19-45 dB(A)
Outdoor unit noise level 49 dB(A)
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